We offer USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Services Data) services that can be used to make the communication between cellular phones and mobile network operator's computers easy. Some of our works are; *4018# for Africa Prudential Registrars which helps users to easily access their records, *554*38# for Lagos state VIO(Vehicle Inspection Office) which when the plate number of a car is inputted, the details of the car for which the plate number is registered are displayed.


Transfer Pay is a solution that offers offline payment via bank transfer for businesses. A bank account is generated for the employees. So when a bank transfer is done by the customers, the alert notification is not only seen by the owner of the account but also by the employees for quick transaction. Click here to visit


TextEasy provides an avenue to send SMS in bulk to different numbers online at a cheaper rate. Click here to visit


mobileXcetera opened the door of Value Added Services to Mobile Network Operators in Nigeria. We have successfully deployed high powered SMS services, developed in-house and locally in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.
We pride ourselves in creating concepts and developing them from scratch. Our works cover Polyphonic Ringtones, Graphics, Games, Subscription Services, SMS Quiz, Caller Tunes, Animated Cartoons, Java Quiz Games, SMS Based Applications, Real Tones, Wallpapers and Themes.


We develop applications ranging from simple feature based phones - smart phones. We take into cognizance the environment, and build user friendly applications to suit the life styles of subscribers.  The following are some of the applications as built by us:

  • Pearson Education UK mobile project for Ladybird books for Nigerian Kids
  • First Inland Bank SMS alert (Flash me Cash)
  • Open heavens mobile application
  • Naija smart
  • TextEasy
  • Transfer Pay



Mobile sites and portals is a must for all Mobile Network Operators.  In an increasingly competitive market, operator portals need to be more than just download stores or e-news kiosks.
We however give operators the opportunity to offer relevant, personalized content, which add real value to users by leveraging consumer profile and information. These next generation portals enhance loyalty, help the operator differentiate on more than just price, and provide apex savings and new revenue streams.


In our bid to maintain our standard of excellence, we promote local content providers and also to boost mobile contents available to network providers in Nigeria and abroad, we have reached agreements to establish stable relationships with content providers, both local and international thereby aggregating quality content such as: Games, Wallpapers, Themes, SMS services, Caller tunes and ringtones.


We provide solutions to meet targeted needs. These can be tailored to meet unique needs of different individual industries and organization.


Market Segmentation is a simple concept that can help businesses to gain an advantage, even in very competitive online categories. Web and SMS surveys are mobileXcetera’s strategy to help our clients have a perfect segmentation of their market. We conduct web and SMS based surveys for large, medium and small scale organizations.